Use the best and fastest modern shipping methods to transport goods because quality to us is not just a word.

  • before investing

    Before you start working in the field of international trade, you must familiarize yourself with several matters related to the trade process. One of these matters is shipping methods of goods that re...

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  • Sea freight

    Sea freight is the most important branch of shipping in the world, as it is the responsibility of two-thirds of global shipping, and it is mainly relied upon by individuals, companies and governments...

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  • Shipping concepts are inherent

    The concepts of shipping have recently emerged of their own nature as one of the essentials of life for individuals due to the services they provide to them and they return to it with ease and ease, a...

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Our goals Flexible shipping for your business

About Usknow us more

Our fast, extensive road network across Europe provides a wide range of delivery services to meet your customer commitments and expand your reach.

Our vision

The company's vision is to excel in the first place and to provide different services in a better way to customers, as the company holds within it the hope to take a great place in this service.

Our message

The company is based on providing freight forwarding and transportation services. Easily, quickly and securely provide customers with the convenience and safety to make the shipping process easier.

Our Values

We believe in "Uccello" the importance of organizing shipping operations, as a process that supports development, as it bears great importance and impact in country indicators as one of the most important economic tributaries. And based on his approval of the accelerated modern way of life, which is full of obligations that make mass gathering in and circulation of goods, the best and most successful way of convergence, especially when the internal and external shipping operations are done by the latest means according to the quality of the shipment itself .. We are committed in "Uccello" to provide Our distinguished services with high professionalism, through which we strive to achieve our strategic goals and customer satisfaction.

Company aspirations

Uccello provides ideal opportunities and business related to freight for individuals and companies to send and receive different goods from all over the world within the framework of different means via land or sea shipping or even asylum and guarantee the fastest, simplest and cheapest ways to ensure a safe and simple transportation process, and benefit from expertise and technologies.

Why the Uccello ?

Every day, we go to great lengths to connect people and businesses all over the planet. Delivering millions of parcels, documents and freight consignments with care and attention - because we understand how important each and every parcel is to you and to your customer. Whatever you need to send. Wherever you need to send it. We take it personally. From the moment your regular driver collects your parcel, until your customer's local Uccello contact delivers it, we keep you and your customer connected. We can do this thanks to our integrated door-to-door network. You can even watch it happen using our online tracking services. And if your industry has specific shipping requirements, we've got them covered too. You can trust us to get the job done, so you're free to focus on expanding your business.

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